Deceptively simple, these puzzles are strangely addictive. Much like EE.

Note that there are sound effects with these puzzles (just in case you want to turn the volume down before you start to play).

Find-A-Word Puzzles

If you've played similar puzzles recently, you'll find these versions are NEW AND IMPROVED!
  • Words to find are now in a column next to the puzzle.
  • There's a rescramble button so you can play each puzzle multiple times.
    - Not all scrambled configurations contain all the words.
    - Each puzzle can generate up to 20 words to be found.
  • The game keeps track of the words you find and deletes them from the list as you find them.

Sliding Puzzles

Same image, just two levels of difficulty. How can something so simple be so hard??!!

Jigsaw Puzzles

Again, same image, just two levels of difficulty. Not being able to move the puzzle pieces off the image grid makes the Demonic one especially demonic.

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Slush said...

Time: 483 On the Evil Find-A-Word Puzzle.

Love word puzzles. Have to come back for some more later.