Contest 2: Poppet

Who wouldn't want a POPPET? Isn't she (he? it?) adorable???? Handcrafted and with a value of $20 (not including S&H), this little Red Poppet can be yours just for what you do best -- telling a story. (Learn more about Lisa Snelling's Poppets.)

Contest Rules

All you have to do is cast our little poppet as a literary character and tell their story in a 3- or 4-line poem. No, it doesn't have to rhyme. Yes, it can be a haiku. Yes, you can change the character up and surprise us. In fact, we encourage you to! Poppets aren't just sweet. They're also creepy and, most of all, surprising.

We'll use the most obvious character as our example: Little Red Riding Poppet. And no, you can't use her, too. You CAN use the same character someone else in the comments does. But remember: The judges are looking for originality as well as all the other poetical things, and the first use will earn more points for being the more original.

Little Red Riding Poppet
Captured by design, the hooded child is biding by;
Sweet upturned face quite fools the eye.
The wolf can't stop her brash escape
Once she frees the ninja powers hiding 'neath her red, red cape

See how easy this is?

Limit: 2 entries per person

All contests open through 6:00 pm Mon, Apr 25 (New York Time) - Winners will be announced Tuesday.


Robin B. said...

I like the idea of a creepy poppet...hmmmm. I have to think about what character my creepy poppet will be...

Peter Dudley said...

Feet, mouth, fingers, nose,
wiped away by witch's spell.
But looks can kill, as heaven knows.
She should have cursed my eyes as well.

fairyhedgehog said...

Peter, that's brilliant! And there's no way I can follow it.

Peter Dudley said...

Aw, shucks, thanks! But please try! Everyone, let's see what you got! Don't leave the poor Poppet lonely!

Robin B. said...
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Robin B. said...

Damn. That was fun.

Robin B. said...

Sorry- had to edit - OK- here's mine:

There once was a robber named Robin,
his head kept on bobbin' and bobbin',
when asked was he robbin', Maid Marian ran sobbin', and said,
"My, that Robin, he's quite the tight rogue!"

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Um, Rob, I believe you want the Grisham contest next door.

(jk!)(you know that, right?)

Robin B. said...

Hee! I just had fun - it came out silly andI kept it that way! But yeah, I enjoyed the hell out of the Grisham one.

Chris Eldin said...

A dirty floor,
Sylvia Poppet and Whirly the Sock-et,
create a fun Moppet.
No more
Dirty floor.

Slush said...

Little Miss Poppet, sat on her carpet; picking the lint away.
Along came kitten in search of a mitten, and gnawed Poppet's dress to fray.

Sylvia said...

Oh I loved all of these! I need more poetry in my life. And I wish I had more poppets to give away!

I declare the winner to be: Peter Dudley with his cursed poppet poem. Peter, email me your postal address and I will send the poppet to you with airholes (peep holes?) in the envelope.