Contest 3: Grisham

Pre-Read for
Quality Assurance

We can't tell you which novel by John Grisham you'll receive -- but does it really matter? We can't tell you the exact condition of the book -- but we can assure you it won't look any worse than the men in the photograph. This book will have been read hard and put away wet. With any luck, it'll arrive at your door with most of the pages intact. Drooling yet? Then read on to see how to -- well, does anyone really win here?

Contest Rules

Give us your worst! In less than 100 words, we want your most a-rthymical, unstylish, a-metrical piece of prose or poetry you have the courage to type on the subject of: What the men in the photo have in common.

Limit: 2 entries per person

All contests open through 6:00 pm Mon, Apr 25 (New York Time) - Winners will be announced Tuesday.


fairyhedgehog said...

What an amazing prize!

Robin B. said...

The two men in the photo had stuff in common though, Rogue Dandy couldn't quite grasp a handle on what these things were. They of course had white shirts on, and mean looks on their faces, but what did it mean? Yes, what did those two things together mean, he wondered, besides the fact`that they looked like they had tempers. Could their tempers, he wondered loudly to himself, mean they were in it together?

vkw said...

Angry men together is the obvious, but they may be contemplative or constipated. I think the photo is photoshopped. They remind me of my former past in a sort of whimsical, magical way but not. It’s hard to explain and even harder to describe. I wouldn’t call them tasty but I think they could have been in that courtroom movie with that famous actor. Strange angelical men it would seem, irregardless of their angry outlooks, so perhaps they look strangely devil like with devil may care stares but without the whimsy.


Evil Editor said...

We're both annoyed about being photographed by a paparazzo, although Grish, as usual, is bottling up his anger, looking off to the side, while I am directing my anger at the photographer, who, as I recall, I threw to the ground and stomped on shortly after the photograph was taken. Also, I'm looking over the top of my pince-nez, and Grish is looking over the tops of his contact lenses. And of course we're both remarkably handsome, although Grish achieves this effect with about a pound of stage makeup, while I come by it naturally.

Chris Eldin said...

Robin left them both in the dust. For moi.

Sylvia said...

You know,you all really need to try harder at writing bad prose. I've seen MUCH worse!

And the winner is ... *drumroll* ... vkw!

If you email me your address, I'll get your bestseller in the post (and off my bookshelf!) right away!