Saturday, April 23, 2011

Welcome To The Party!

Sadly, the party has ended and the CONTESTS ARE CLOSED. But Evil Editor's blog goes on. Winners will be announced throughout the day on Tuesday (New York Time).

You can still leave comments if you like.

Thanks for helping to celebrate Evil Editor's 5-year reign!!!

Lots to do, so grab a drink and settle in.

Because of all the holidays, we want to be sure everyone has a chance to stop by -- so the party will run through 6 pm (New York Time) on Monday. Check the clocks in the sidebar for help figuring out what time that is. Why is it important? Because all the contests close then.

So, what now?

First, if you want to leave a special message for da man himself, click on the Toasts & Roasts tab above. Have you immortalized this special occasion on your blog or website? Send the link to the party host and we'll add it to the sidebar so EE knows to go and check it out.

Ready to play? We have 7 different puzzles under the Games tab to test your mettle -- and get you in trouble at work.

There are also contests with Prizes to be won! Some lovely prizes, too. That means we're gonna make you work for them! Yes, we'll be asking you creative types to be -- gasp! -- creative. Short and fun stuff -- nothing essay-length. Each contest has its own tab and its own comment thread to enter on. The person who donated the prize will choose the winner of that prize, so if you enter to win multiple prizes, it is possible to win multiple prizes.

Of course, the heart of any party is the folk who show up. Get to know the other Minions. Open comments in the post below this one. Scroll down. Mingle!